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Emergency Placement of Endangered Adults 14C.5.01 Legislative Intent 14C.5.02 Authority to Take into Protective Custody 14C.5.03 Appropriate Temporary Residence 14C.5.04 Appropriate Temporary Protective Services 14C.5.05 Protective Order Under Title Chapter 6 Filing Emergency Adult Protection Petition 14C.6.01 Authorization for Petition by the Division of Human Services 14C.6.02 Timeline for Filing Emergency Petition 14C.6.03 Notice of Emergency Hearing 14C.6.04 Contents of the Petition 14C.6.05 Hearing 14C.6.06 Outcome of Emergency Protection Hearing 14C.6.07 Emergency Services Protective Order Chapter 7. Annual, Seasonal and Emergency Regulations Section 12. Establishment of Budget Authority 3.1 Establishment by Tribal Resolution 3.2 Permanent Fiscal Year Budget Package 3.3 Funds, Contracts, Grants not Identified Section 4.

Time Limitations on Na: Tini-X'We'Na: XO'-Xi Nayi-Din Court Admission Hearing E. Drafting, Filing, and Contents of Na: Tini-X'We'Na: XO'-Xi Nayi-Din Consent Decree G. Tribal Elder and Dependant Adult Protective Orders 14D.6.01 Definitions 14D.6.02 Petition by the Division of Human Services 14D.6.03 Emergency Services Protective Order 14D.6.04 Protective Order After Hearing Chapter 7. Domestic Violence Protection Orders 14D.5.01 Purpose 14D.5.02 Definitions 14D.5.03 Notice of Rights of Victims and Remedies and Services Available -- Required Information to be Provided by K'Ima: W Medical Center 14D.5.04 Duties of Court to Provide Notice as to Services to Petitioner 14D.5.05 Filing Fee 14D.5.06 Service 14D.5.07 Emergency Orders for Protection 14D.5.08 Hearing 14D.5.09 Remedies Available in an Order for Protection after Noticed Hearing 14D.5.10 Notice to Parties 14D.5.11 Prohibition on Mutual Protective Orders 14D.5.12 Modification or Dismissal of Orders for Protection 14D.5.13 Enforcement and Penalties for Violation 14D.5.14 Full Faith & Credit 14D.5.15 Information Disclosure Requirements for those who Commit Domestic Violence 14D.5.16 Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence 14D.5.17Policy and Procedure Requirement for First Disclosure Agencies 14D.5.18 Domestic Violence Response Team 14D.5.19 Domestic Violence Leave Act Chapter 6. MANNER OF REQUESTING AND ISSUING ABSENTEE BALLOTS 11-E. Injunctions 14D.7.01 When Injunction May be Granted 14D.7.02 Contents of the Petition 14D.7.03 Contents of the Response 14D.7.04 Preliminary Injunction 14D.7.05 Hearing on Petition Title 15 - Conservation 15.0 Short Title 15.1 Purpose 15.2 Prior Ordinances and Policies Repealed 15.3 Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation Closed 15.4 Establishment of Permit System 15.4.1 Permit System 15.4.1 Membership Identification Cards 15.4.3 Special Wood and Gravel Permits Required 15.4.4 Tribal Employees 15.5 Permits Required 15.6 Persons Not Known to be Hoopa Members 15.7 Types of Permits 15.7.1 Personal Use Permits 15.7.2 Fee Permits 15.8 Limitations of Authorization 15.8.1 Activities of Tribal Government 15.8.2 Permits Not Exemption from Laws 15.8.3 Sensitive Resources 15.9 Application Process - Issuing Agent - Recordkeeping 15.9.1 Issuing Agent 15.9.2 Evaluation by Issuing Agent 15.9.3 Evaluation, Issuance, Denial of Permit 15.10 Factors for Issuing Permits 15.11 Off-Reservation Transport 15.12 Invalidation of Permit 15.13 Suspension, Revisions and Termination of Permit 15.14 Seizure/Confiscation of Property 15.14.1 Seizure of Resources 15.14.2 Confiscation of Property 15.15 Enforcement 15.15.1 Tribal Police/Court Jurisdiction 15.15.2 Issuance of Citations 15.15.3 Exclusive Tribal Court Jurisdiction 15.15.4 Penalties/Disposal of Private Property 15.16 Appeals of Administrative Action 15.17 Severability 15.18 Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Certification Title 16 - Fishing Ordinance Section 1.

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General Provisions 14C.1.01 Title 14C.1.02 Authority 14C.1.03 Purpose 14C.1.04 Construction 14C.1.05 Inconsistent Provisions of Other Law 14C.1.06 Severability 14C.1.07 Criminal Penalties 14C.1.08 Definitions Chapter 2.

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