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This same learning from the past prayerfully will be true for God’s new Sold Out Movement.

As Kip preached at the 2010 Jubilee on the theme of The Promised Land On The Second Try, “Second is best because God rewards the quest.” Kip Mc Kean was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 31, 1954.

As with all the “Signers of the Declaration of Independence,” death threats were common. Navy, became a strong influence and an early role model for leadership and excellence.

During his high school years – in Virginia Beach, Virginia; Winter Park, Florida; and Libertyville, Illinois – Kip was active in athletics, was selected to be a member of the National Honor Society, and obtained the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts. However, in time, Kip’s greatest hero became Jesus.

Like many young men of the 1960’s, he was inspired by those who refused to compromise and were willing to sacrifice everything for a worthy cause.

This temperament is also deep in the Mc Kean family heritage, as they are called higher by the courage of one of their ancestors, Thomas Mc Kean.

For two years, he wandered in a lonely, spiritual wilderness, which greatly humbled him.

Yet, those dark days ultimately strengthened Kip’s resolve to fulfill “the dream.” Therefore in 2017, it is so amazing that in just 10 years, God’s new Sold Out Movement has almost 80 congregations in 32 nations… From a historical perspective, no other preacher in the past century has been directly responsible for the planting of so many congregations around the world!

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“Then Jesus turned to His disciples and said privately, ‘Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.

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