Dzonijs bravo online dating

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Dzonijs bravo online dating

Will his strategy payoff or will he crash and burn when he books three back-to-back dates in one night?

Alex, a 27-year-old self-proclaimed “Texas boy just looking to get laid,” casts a wide net online in his hunt for a hot fling.

He does, in fact, regularly grab his dates’ buttocks without permission, and like a blue-balled high schooler tells one lady, “Don’t be such a prude.”It’s truly masterful that he hasn’t been banned from dating sites or, you know, arrested. I will rock your world.” He later speaks about his penis completely unprompted: “It’s not that long. It’ll get in there.” Then, during the post-date interview, he makes the image way worse (and contradicts himself): “I’ve got a salami that’s smooth, long, and tasty in my pants.” What possesses him to think that women will find his penis analogies appealing is unclear, but his constant reminder that he used to be overweight make suggests a host of insecurities driving his wildly inappropriate dirty talk.

Then there’s Marcus, a 36-year-old divorcé in Los Angeles looking for his next wife online because he’s starting to wonder “did love forget about me?

Alex meets a girl so special that he puts his bad behavior behind him – or does he?

Somehow, Michel'le's story about waking up from a date with a man who hosts strippers (which, to be fair, was weird) qualifies as Marcus’s worst online dating experience. One quirky and slightly sexual story during the course of dinner counts as your worst?

Then you can talk about “worst online dating experiences.”But even if Michel'le was a narcissistic Girls Gone Wild alumnus with the IQ of a box of raisins, it wouldn’t excuse Marcus’s deceptive, wimpy, and douchey behavior.

When she offers to reveal her real age because he’s been pestering her about it all night, he tells her to hold off and save something for the next date.

From earnest romance to cringe-worthy moments, viewers will get a taste of the trials and tribulations that come along with dating in the digital age.

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