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Greedge online dating

UTP believes that discipline, order, and safety are essential for an environment conducive to learning.

A truly safe school setting must extend beyond freedom from danger to freedom from fear of danger, which inhibits teaching and learning as well as participation in school and community activities.

"MKSK understands that Arsenal Park is part of a larger community…They will creatively engage children and adults in developing a plan that honors the park’s legacy while focusing on the future.” Arsenal Park is a 9-acre historically significant park dating back to the War of 1812.

The Park Master Plan redesign will consider stormwater retention, use for an existing amphitheater, creative use of greenspace for recreation, entertainment, educational, and community programming, and better connectivity within the surrounding neighborhoods, schools, and offices.

Students must be safe from physical, verbal, and psychological violence.

CTA supports legislation that makes schools and the surrounding environment a drug free zone, and an area free of guns and knives and other harmful weapons.

The idea of arming teachers is a preposterous, cynical and unworkable solution.

Teachers are in our schools to educate our students and prepare them for the future.

The District and state agencies must take all necessary steps to make schools safe for students and school employees.

MKSK has been selected among four consultant team finalists to develop a Master Plan for Arsenal Park located in the neighborhood of Lawrenceville, in the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"There was a lot of wonderful work done, but MKSK impressed us with their excitement about Arsenal Park in the greater context of Lawrenceville," said Susan Rademacher, parks curator for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

California’s educators overwhelmingly support stronger laws to ensure school safety and prevent gun violence.

We strongly believe there must be a comprehensive approach based on input from communities and educators that includes access to counselors, mental health services, investing in infrastructure and critical programs in schools and campuses and commonsense gun safety measures like universal background checks for gun purchases and a ban on military style assault weapons.

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