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He’s not only coming home soon (he’s being released from military service on May 6th) but he’s also already been offered the lead role in KBS’s “Trot Lovers” and according to sources, has accepted.

“Actor Ji Hyun Woo will be making his acting comeback right after being discharged from the army.

Each experience is why we are here to understand and practice healing for ourself and others.

I’m fairly certain that everyone who knows me knows that my favorite Korean actor is Ji Hyun Woo.

Rumors about a deteriorated relationship were stoked last month when Yoo didn't attend a fan event for Ji upon his compulsory military service.

유인나 지현우 결별 유인나와 지현우가 결별했다.유인나의 소속사 YG엔테인먼트는 14일 “두 사람이 결별한 것으로 사실”이라며 “최근 연인 관계를 정리한 것으로 안다”고 말했다.지현우가 군 복무를 마치고 지난 6일 전역하는 자리에 유인나가 나타나지 않은데다 지현우가 유인나와 관련된 질문에 난처해하면서 둘의 결별설이 불거졌었다.둘은 지난 2012년 tv N 드라마 '인현왕후의 남자'에 출연하면서 연인 사이로 발전했고 연인임을 공개적으로 밝혀 화제를 모았다.

Your way of being instills trust and gives others good feelings. I'am so Anxiously hoping that you will hurry back to the screen.. A Thousand Kisses ( Woo Bin) You're such a good Actor I admired you a lot.

I am Native American and I pray you will continue on the path that opens for you. Please reflect and make strong efforts to let go of hindrances.

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Not necessarily because he’s the greatest actor out there (he is good) but he’s just an all-around nice young man.

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