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Henceforth he devoted himself without reserve to his professional duties.

In 1852 he was called to Würzburg, as professor extraordinary of canon law and church history ; after three years (1855) he was promoted to the full possession of that chair.

He contributed essays on the same work and on the "Amphilochia" of Photius to the "Tüb. Krumbacher, the historian of Byzantine literature , says that the work cannot be surpassed.

In these volumes Hergenröther laid here in minute detail the origins of the Byzantine Church, its development since the fourth century, and after the death of Photius until the unfortunate completion of the schism in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Theol., 1862), the canonical relations of the various rites in the Catholic Church (Archiv f. Kirchenrecht, 1862), the politico-ecclesiastical relations of Spain and the Holy See (ibid., 1863-66), and the canon law of the Greeks to the end of the ninth century (ibid., 1870).

Hergenröther was constantly engaged in attempting to develop a genuine Catholic sentiment and truly Christian life among the faithful.

He preached frequently, and was always a welcome speaker at the general assemblies of the German Catholic associations ( Vereine; 1863-77).

Together with other Catholics of prudence and insight, Hergenröther deplored the attitude that certain Catholic theologians assumed from about 1860, in particular that of the celebrated historian Döllinger.Until 1869 Hergenröther was occupied as teacher and writer, chiefly with early Christian and Byzantine ecclesiastical history.The discovery (1851) of the Greek Christian text known as the Philosopho&úmena led him to examine its disputed authorship in a series of studies in the "Tübinger Theol. The results of his twelve years of research in the history of the Greek Schism appeared finally in the classical work, "Photius Patriarch von Constantinopel, sein Leben, seine Schriften, und das griechische Schisma" (3 vols., Ratisbon, 1867-69).The political troubles of 1848 prevented the completion of his theological studies at Rome ; he was ordained to the priesthood 28 March of that year, and returned to Würzburg, where he pursued his ecclesiastical preparation for another year.In 1849 he was appointed chaplain at Zellingen, and for some time devoted himself with zeal to the duties of his office.

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Bishop von Stahl took a lively interest in the promising youth, and in 1844 sent him to the Collegium Germanicum at Rome, whither he had already sent Denzinger and Hettinger.