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Cameron Diaz surprised us all with her secret wedding to Benji Madden in 2015, but long before the Good Charlotte rocker came along, the actress had a pretty high-profile dating life.Cameron carried on relationships with Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, and Justin Timberlake, and was even rumored to have had an intense makeout session with Sean "Diddy" Combs at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards!" Determined to find out, chicks cruised by his house day and night and dropped by his school in their Camaros to see if he could come out for a ride and maybe make out a little. But for the most part, Dillon wasn't happy: "As far as the hype and the fame thing, the novelty wears off pretty quick. You have to watch out with Dillon, however, because if you give him too much slack, he'll turn all poetic on you and start talking about "the sad grandeur of Manhattan" and quoting haikus by Jack Kerouac (" ' The lonely businessman walks across the football field at night,' or something like that")., for instance, ends up involving the Chateau Marmont hotel; Walter Matthau and Shelley Winters (who, he says, "kept calling me Malcolm. I kept telling her, ' It's Matt.' ' Malcolm. And all I can tell you is, she was hellbent on marriage, maturity and disco, and I was the antithesis of all that. "I mean, there was one time I knew I was going to score with this girl, because I sort of provoked her, needling her, and she slapped me. Among other things, she told him that Buk wasn't interested in clothing but that, contrary to popular perception, he wasn't a slob. Anyway, in my twenties, what I loved was the hard living, the irreverence, the honesty, the laughing and seeing the world as a comedy. That's what I liked more about Bukowski than anything.", a 2003 psychological thriller shot in the dust and confusion of Cambodia. "You learn tolerance and patience when you become famous or you get in a lot of trouble. And if I look at my anger, there's usually fear behind it. Yesterday, he wore black jeans and black lace-up shoes, which is pretty much what he's wearing today.Malcolm' ") and the old Mc Carthy blacklist; Lana Turner and Schwab's Drugstore, "which is now the Virgin Megastore"; "a magician on Hollywood Boulevard — I stayed on the guy's sofa"; cops who say, "Kid, why aren't you in school? "I was at a frustrated point in which my life was unacceptable," he says. He says, "Deep down I think I'm pretty easygoing, but life circumstances get to you.The main problem is that he never gets to the point, or maybe the point is so submerged it's beyond understanding by anyone but him. And then one night I got into an altercation with some asshole Australian backpacker. You sometimes feel you're in a battle when other kids are just being kids.You've got to sink or swim, Jack."Then, a while later, looking back at his long career, he says, "I like playing unlikable characters.

Thirteen years later, Ted decides to track Mary down, and have a second chance with his dream girl. He stalks her, finds out everything she wants in a man, and poses as just that." and then proceed to haul him downtown and say, "OK, punk, how many times you been down here? "And when I was done with the movie, I was off the deep end. Really off the deep end."What happened was, he took a trip to Bali, found himself disgusted by "the world of wealthy bourgeois people" and decided that he wanted to be "back in the gutter, back in Phnom Penh, getting beat up by drunk men on the dirty sidewalk. I hit the ground with two joints in my hand and threw them, saying to myself, ' Now I'm going to have to do something.' I got up. I was out of my mind."And then, falteringly and with much exertion, Dillon says, "Look, I wasn't in a war and in a post-traumatic-stress situation. My mom used to say to me, ' What happened to you, Matt?" and "We know how to deal with punks like you," and him saying, "I'm here making a movie! " and finally letting him go, and it all being "really interesting now that I play this cop in , because I had my own prejudices that've been there since that trip"; food at the legendary Musso & Frank Grill; a visit to his manager Vic Ramos' office; a cup of coffee; a sighting of Richard Gere and "all the beautiful women, too old for me," although at the age of nineteen, he did have a twenty-nine-year-old girlfriend; and so on, etc., at the end of which he sits back in his chair, refocuses on the present, including his order of little big clams, and says, "Anyway, it's nothing that interesting to talk about."For the most part, he's right about that. He's relentless like that, when he wants to be. That was my head." Where he ended up, though, was in Luang Prabang, in Laos, a beautiful jewel box of a town. So he started drinking, then ran into a friend and drank some more: "I wasn't used to being idle and just being alone with my thoughts or feelings. I don't talk about it much, because it's kind of embarrassing. You used to be such an easygoing kid.' Starting to act at a young age puts certain pressures on you.Twice a week he took acting classes in Manhattan, at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.Afterward, he'd further educate himself by seeing movies like , and then he might go out to clubs like CBGB, Max's Kansas City and the Mudd Club, where he rubbed shoulders with Andy Warhol and Sylvia Miles.

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've got to tell you something," Matt Dillon says. He seems like an OK enough fellow, though, and it's certainly understandable, his desire not to have to once again tell the tale of his discovery at the age of fourteen, a rough kid with long hair and two broken front teeth ambling through the halls of a public junior high in Mamaroneck, New York.

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