Naruto shippuden episode 217 english subbed online dating

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Naruto shippuden episode 217 english subbed online dating

Name: Don't need to know Gender: Male, and if there are any gay guys-I can accept you as friends but if you try and make a move on me your a dead man.Hobbies: 3DS, PSP, reading fanfics, watching anime, listening to anime music,giving advice to people who do fanfics I like,and tv Likes: anime/manga, Inheritance cycle, and also fanfics (mostly Naruto crossovers and sometimes regular Naruto fics), romantic comedies, action pack adventures, gaming Dislikes: Annoying people, unfinished fanfics, and nothing to do Anime currently watching: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, Katana Maidens, Yu-Gi-Oh! Koizumi Loves Ramen, Overlord Dreams: You don't need to know Forum:https://She must overcome the horrors of this dark future, acquire the knowledge and power she needs and find a way back to her own time and change fate.Cipher Origins: D-Wars; Normal fic, Involves the history of the clone of Naruto Uzumaki and his twin sister Shana Uzumaki as they try to find a normal life to live.A collaboration fic with Engineer4Ever and a "New Game" like version of his Return of the King fic with new elements added in.Character Profiles Naraku Uzumaki: Connected to Cipher Naruto Uzumaki.For those who've played Persona 3 Portable, heres a link to another cartoonlike show featuring Shinjiro and the Fe MC of P3P!! v=DF7rk LJ36ZM&playnext=1&videos=5lusa539bbk Project Cypher: Zero, the number that means nothing, but at the same time, represents everything.From my mind I have created a new twist in fanfic history with this new project that has many of my written fan fiction intertwine in a tale that transcends time and space.

Serving as the core of Naruto's negative emotions, he grows in power as he absorbs Naruto's negative emotions and lays devastation to all who dare to try and destroy him.

Hinata's Journey: Future Past-Surprisingly a bold move on my own to be honest.

This story tells the tale of Cypher Hinata Hyuga on a mission to save her friend (and secret love) Cypher Naruto and is sent to a horrible future in the process.

Avatar: Cataclysm, a Naruto and Avatar the Last Airbender fic-Naraku Uzumaki returns to the world via unknown means as he unleashes the power he has upon the Four Nations and continues the war for the last hundred years.

Will Aang be able to end this cursed conflict now that history is torn apart, and a more dangerous enemy threatens the balance of the world? Storm of the King, a Naruto-Fate Stay/Night crossover.

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