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The aim of talk is to give an overview of all results.

indietro 18 Lunedı̀ 7 ore 12 aula CD Flussi geodetici e orociclici dal punto di vista dei sistemi dinamici *Carlangelo LIVERANI Università di Roma Tor Vergata Discuterò alcuni risultati concernenti i flussi geodetici e orociclici su varietà compatte di curvatura negativa.

Based on these considerations, it seems hopeless to apply optimal transport theory in this context.

Still, ideas coming from optimal transport can be used to construct approximate transport maps (i.e., maps which send a density onto another up to a small error) which enjoy regularity estimates that are uniform in the dimension, and such maps can then be used to show universality results for the distribution of eigenvalues in random matrices.

Siena, 7–12 settembre 2015 Programma generale 6 Lunedı̀ 7 Settembre Cerimonia di Apertura pausa caffè .

12.45 15.00 16.00 16.20 18.20 Sezioni: pausa pranzo SEZIONI pausa caffè SEZIONI ASSEMBLEA dei SOCI aula 101 10 S1 S3 S5 S7 S10 S11 S12 S14b S1 S20 S21 Analisi non lineare e sistemi hamiltoniani Equazioni differenziali ordinarie e sistemi dinamici Analisi reale e disuguaglianze funzionali Calcolo delle probabilità e statistica matematica Metodi numerici per le equazioni differenziali ordinarie Teoria dell’approssimazione Algebra lineare numerica e ottimizzazione Teoria di Lie Geometria complessa Teoria dei numeri Storia della Matematica Cappella aula F aula 149 aula 13 aula 14 aula 18 aula 15 Biblioteca aula 20 aula 103 aula 101 Venerdı̀ 11 Settembre 9.00 10.00 11.00 .

Stefano BIANCHINI (abstract) Structure of solutions for general systems of conservation aula CD laws. Luca MIGLIORINI (abstract) La fibrazione di Hitchin come sistema completamente inte- aula CD grabile algebrico: recenti progressi e problemi aperti. 11.40 Giovanna CARNOVALE (abstract) L’ubiquità delle partizioni per il gruppo generale lineare.

indietro 15 Venerdı̀ 11 ore 9 aula CD Structure of solutions for general systems of conservation laws *Stefano BIANCHINI SISSA Trieste The theory of BV solutions to system of conservation laws ut f (u)x = 0 u ∈ Rn , f : Rn → Rn , which are the natural extension of the scalar equation n = 1 where the flux f is convex or with finitely many inflection point, is in some sense complete: there are sharp results on the well-posedness, stability and structure of the solution. Modena, On a quadratic functional for scalar conservation laws, Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations, 11(2) (2014), 355-435. indietro 17 Martedı̀ 8 ore 10 aula CD Transport theory: from functional inequalities to random matrices *Alessio FIGALLI The University of Texas at Austin The optimal transport problem consists in finding the cheapest way to transport a distribution of mass from one place to another.

On the other hand, when the assumption on f is only that Df has n distinct eigenvalues, the well-posedness is proved only via vanishing viscosity, and the structure results reduce basically to the standard theorems for BV functions. Modena, Lagrangian representation for solution to general systems of conservation laws, in preparation. Apart from its applications to economics, optimal transport theory is an efficient tool to construct change of variables between probability densities, and this fact can be applied for instance to prove stability of minimizers of several geometric/functional inequalities.

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Alberto PERELLI (abstract) aula AB Teoremi di struttura per funzioni L. Valeria SIMONCINI (abstract) Equazioni lineari matriciali: proprietà, metodi aula AB numerici ed applicazioni. Siena, 7–12 settembre 2015 Conferenze generali 14 Mercoledı̀ 9 ore 18.30 aula Magna delle Scotte Può la Matematica aiutare a capire fenomeni sociali?

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