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Last night we were treated to another bullet point of its greatness—the story concluded with an actual ending.

Acting, directing, writing, and overall execution are only some of the aspects that make this show special.All of Walt’s final plans were almost too successful; as he was able to die knowing that he got what he wanted in the current circumstance.As Jesse pointed out towards the end of this final season, Mr.This time, Jesse refuses to kill Walt, as Walt wants him to supply death. All major loose ends were tied up and every character’s story was concluded. Walter White’s journey has been told with a beginning, middle, and end.Jesse spitefully tells his former mentor to do it himself after seeing that Walt was hit in the guy during the rain of bullets. Granted, the last few episodes were more intense, action packed, and maybe even more thrilling then this last installment, but they all made up the ending to Breaking Bad.

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Before he makes his final stop to the Neo-Nazis, Walt has to cross a few more ‘to do’s’ off of his bucket list quest.

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