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Posted by / 07-Apr-2016 13:03

To most of our surprise, Oda told us that Doflamingo and Viola were lovers at some point.

My initial reaction to this news was extreme shock — mania Greg pointed out on Twitter, this really shouldn’t be surprising news.

Absalom the Assaulter So what do you do when you get to dark moments like this?

This is supported by the fact that Oda goes out of his way to avoid death in the series.

Doflamingo kept Viola around for some reason, so why couldn’t it have been “affection”?

I mean there are a host of other reasons Oda could have given: he was using her as a bargaining chip in case King Riku tried something, she could have used her powers to spy on people, anything else really.

I’m sure everyone is aware of those viral videos wherein someone explains consent using the concept of asking someone if they’d like tea.

Charloss is the guy that doesn’t care if you say no or are unconscious, he’s just going to pour the tea down your throat.

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An unfortunate incident occurs when a doctor tries to move a patient in critical condition to the hospital and Charloss shoots him in cold blood.