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Who is ashley weatherspoon dating

Petty cash works too, just make sure you’ve decided how you would like to be informed about expenses.

What tech tools and accounts will your assistant need access to in order to operate independently from day one?

Spend time reviewing the to do list together and share details so your assistant has the info she needs to get started.Weatherspoon gave out K Michelle’s number and called her a hoe while K responded by saying she didn’t have a job and was a “fire crotch.” All of that is ancient history.The only woman that matters in JR’s life, according to his social media, is the lovely Jewel Harris.JR Smith’s wife Jewel Harris eloped with him sometime in mid August of 2015.The wedding took place after JR had their daughter, Demi, present her with a ring in a small red box. This all came after a rather abrupt decision by JR to dump his previous love interest, a lady by the name of Ashley Weatherspoon.

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If your assistant is a keeper, she will use these tasks to learn more about your circumstances and preferences and come back to you with the next to do list herself. Here are the top five starter tasks we see most often at GYST: If your assistant will be coming and going from your home or office freely, get that key copied and ready to go, or have an extra on hand for your assistant to copy on her first day.