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The long-term lot, which currently has 600 spaces, will be expanded initially by 66 spaces and eventually to as large as 765 spaces, all within the same foot print.Click to read more Windsor Ontario May 2 2017 The City of Windsor pays big bucks to The Windsor Star to publish its municipal ads and notices.As part of this plan the city has every intention of making available city council meetings to people who don’t have cable TV or access to Cogeco Cable 11, which for decades has covered council deliberations live.Click to read more Windsor Ontario July 26 2017 The Downtown Windsor BIA has so far raised just over 00 in the seven weeks since it launched its campaign to raise money for a city Freedom of Information request.And, in what might seem a departure from some urban thinking that calls for less cars and more people on downtown streets, the City of Windsor is doing the opposite.With a new Ouellette Avenue streetscaping project that got underway this week and will last until fall of 2018, more parking spaces will be installed where there is no parking now.

Allison Deneau (pictured with family above), who suffers serious allergies, has had to abandon the home with her three children because the mould is so severe.

Part of it is on display at the Children’s Safety Village in Forest Glade.

Click to read more Windsor Ontario August 31 2017 More parking spaces are coming to downtown Windsor.

Click to read more Windsor Ontario January 6 2017 If you want to open a dance club anywhere in the city other than downtown you need to get special permission. Balraj Jhawar, who co-owns Gourmet Emporium on Wyandotte St. with his wife Chantal Jhawar, found out the hard way.

That’s because the City of Windsor mandates that entertainment lounges, another term for dance clubs, can only be located along Ouellette Ave. Click to read more Windsor Ontario Dec 23 2016 The provincial government is working on a plan to distribute potassium iodide (KI) pills to people living close to Michigan’s Fermi II nuclear reactor, particularly residents of Amherstburg.

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This is the longest period in's eight-year history – eight years, yup - that the site, with overwhelming original content and a multitude of stories not reported anywhere else, has gone without new articles. A plethora of freelance work (my "day job") and stepped-up personal travel (yes, I like to explore the world). - Ron Stang, Publisher, Windsor Ontario, Dec.