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Because of how those friendships worked, during college I tended to revolve my time around what everyone I called friends were doing.

However, after college I really reclaimed my time and started living my life and seeing noticing the friends I really have.

A little known fact about me is that even though I moved back to Houston at the age of 23, I had never been to any club in this city before.

Actually, I didn't immediately experience any clubs after moving back, so I was probably 24 before experiencing the Houston club scene.

In another post I mentioned someone that was supposed to be a friend arguing with me over a man.

Well, even though I didn't understand it at the time, after the quarter life crisis passed I started doing many things to reclaim my time.Making Money Growing up and even during college years, it was all about being responsible with my parents money.However, after employment, it became amount my own steady paycheck. Holding onto money is easy when you are spending other people's money, but I had to learn how to pay bills and still have money left over. Today on Limit Break Radio, the crew brings you the New World Order…an episode with no limits on the imagination.Reclaiming my time is the most popular phrase of the week, maybe even the month, because of Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

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I didn't even have an actual relationship to reminiscence on at the time, so I surely wasn't ready for a casual sex partner. I also convinced myself that the only way to open myself up to finding my equally-yoked man is to open myself up to meeting Mr. What does listening to friends have to do with all of this?

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